Stop termites from eating your home

Establish an effective perimeter.

termite damage 3Termites put fear into every building owner, and with good reason. Termites cause close to a billion dollars in damage to homes and businesses in Australia every year.

Three species of termite (or white-ant) call Newcastle home, and each requires a specialised treatment.

Newcastle Termite Specialists is one of Newcastle’s most effective termite treatment businesses. In fact, Shane has a personal fascination with them and is sometimes affectionately known as the ‘termite detective’.

If you think you termites might have affected your property, leave them alone and call Newcastle Termite Specialists.

If you try to kill them yourself you will not be able to. All you will do is to scare them into hiding – making it more difficult and more expensive for an expert to find and kill them.

Newcastle Termite Specialists are fully insured, reliable experts. We also offer warranties on termite treatments.

Call us on 0457 571 447. We'll give you a free termite inspection and quote within 24 hours.

Newcastle Termite Specialists use a four step process to solve termite problems on your property.

1. Initial Assessment and Free Quote

One of our senior inspectors will do a free on-site assessment of your property to determine if termites are active, what species are causing your problem, and if there is a termite management system in place.

2. Thorough On Site Inspection.

Every property is different so we make sure the treatment we provide is tailor made to your property. To this end, one of our licensed technicians will then do a thorough inspection of the dwelling as well as a complete outside check to determine the extent of any current, and possible future, termite activity. Newcastle Termite Specialists’s technicians are well versed in the movements and behaviour of termites and know what signs to look for when checking a home for termite entry.

Our staff are also equipped with the state of the art tools, including moisture meters, sound equipment, motion detectors and thermal imaging cameras to ensure the most thorough inspection possible.

Based on this information we develop your Termite Inspection Report. This report outlines the extent of your termite problem, an evaluation of any existing treatment system, and a recommendation for a termite management plan.

Australian Standards recommend a termite inspection every 12 months, however changes around you and your neightbour's property make cause termite activity. A regular inspection is your best tool to help protect your home. Give us a call on 0457 571 447 to help put your mind at ease.

3. Treatment

After an inspection we will then discuss with you the best type of termite treatment for your property.

Termite treatments 30 or 40 years ago used to involve chemicals that had question marks over their toxicity and the effects on humans. These chemicals have now been banned, but the advances in chemical science have been nothing short of amazing. Our treatments can not only provide a barrier from termites entering your home, but can destroy all the occupants of a termite nest AND be completely safe for you, your family and even your pets!

On top of this, these water based termiticides can be potent for termites for up to 7 years in most cases. It is with the use of these termiticides that the social factor of the termite can be exploited by the carriage of the toxin around and deep into a nest to kill all the inhabitants.

Termite treatments from Newcastle Termite Specialists include:

  • Above ground baiting - where bait stations full of highly palatable bait are placed around your home. These baits are then transferred back into the nest by termites, effectively eliminating the entire colony.
  • In ground baiting - these stations provide both treatment and prevention. Stations are placed around the perimeter of your home, and use a similar transfer effect to that provided by above ground baits. In ground bait stations must be monitored every three months to maintain their effectiveness. 
  • Liquid chemical barriers - these chemicals are installed along the perimeter of your home to create a barrier that is highly targeted, and highly resistant to termite attack.

All treatments are safe for both pets and children.

To find out more about our termite treatments, give us a call on 0457 571 447.

Termatrix certified installer

4. Follow Up Inspections

This step is crucial.

Once termites have been found on your property and a treatment has been performed, it’s important to do follow up annual inspections. Make no mistake, our termite treatments are the most effective and up-to-date methods found on the market today however, termites are clever and your circumstances may have altered (for example, you may have done home renovations, planted a new garden against the structure) and so it’s important to have follow up annual termite inspections on your home.

Termites can start causing structural damage to your home in as little as 2 years, and can evade detection for years without regular inspections.

Need your termite problems solved? Call us on 0427 571 447 today.

We use only the best products for termite treatments including the No.1 Termiticide in the world. 



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I just had a termite chemical barrier put in place. Shane called around promptly to assess the site and quote. He kept me informed on when he could do the job and what was involved and arrived on time to get it done. Price was good and I found Shane to be very professional, friendly and courteous.

M Thomas